GDG Productions

Comics and art by Jessi Segaard

Hi, you can call me GDG or Kinta!
In 2004 and fresh out of high school, I started a webcomic called The Law of Purple, a little bit space opera, a little bit soap opera, slice of life interrupted by action storylines with a tone that swung between angst and dry humor. And then despite everything that's happened in my life since, I didn't stop!

Below are some of my projects and places to find me~

The Law of Purple

(About PG14, content warnings here)

When Blue, Red, Green and Whitey had to flee their homeworld in the wake of their family's violent murder, they didn't have a plan and they didn't have any place to land. When they crash on Earth a year later, they find that sometimes your place to land is... well, the ground. And sometimes that's not so bad.

Now, they're finding friends, family, and even their feet. And there's someone back home they've got business with...

Sixteen years and almost 1,500 pages of archives! Angst! Adventure! Found family! Come check it out!


(Horror! Proceed with caution, content warnings here)

A horror anthology co-produced with and captained by my dear friend Rowan! With a storytelling style heavily inspired by Masaaki Nakayama of Fuan no Tane and with both of us deeply familiar with the American midwest, each of these stories stands mostly alone and are done in monochrome and grayscale. Also features some comics I originally did on my own.


Alien Revenant
A dark science fantasy of the far future. On indefinite hiatus because of Disasters but can still be read at Comic Fury.

Yukai no Yugi
A Yu-Gi-Oh! fancomic! On hiatus mostly because when life forces you to choose between fan projects and original projects, some of us pick fan projects and I picked my original projects. That said if you were ever reading Yugioh fancomics it's the likeliest way you'd know me! Can still be read on DeviantArt.

Projects in Development

Eclipse Knight-A biopunk mystery horror heavily inspired by the likes of Guyver, Tekkaman Blade and Kamen Rider!

Three Realms- A video game about taking the train, falling in love and falling into a fantasy world! Takes place in the same wider universe as The Law of Purple, but otherwise unconnected.

Places to Find Me


Do you take requests?
Only if I'm currently saying so on my tumblr or twitter and not if you get pushy about it. I'm super contrary and have had bad experiences with allowing requests in the past so I have firm boundaries about it.

Currently only for friends.
Hoping to change that in the near future~!

Will you ever pick YnY back up?
I'd like to but it's not going to happen unless my patreon starts making so much money I can quit my current job. Like it CAN'T happen. It'd be physically impossible.

Then why aren't you putting fanworks on your Patreon?
That's actually illegal!! I am covering my six!

Okay then why do you have your real name on your comics??
I'm 34 and I've also already got one cyberstalker's address,
I doesn't afraid of anything. =)

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